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“Every man wants to be married to a 1950s housewife” and other cringe-worthy moments from my recent viewing of “Partners”

October 2, 2012

I recently watched an episode of CBS’s new comedy, PartnersThe premise: Two best friends and business partners, one straight and one gay, juggle their partnerships with each other and their significant others. To be honest, I was half-watching the show until I saw Michael Urie’s character Louis utter the phrase “every man wants to be married to a 1950s housewife.” I heard those words, and I was immediately enthralled.  When Sophia Bush’s character states, “Why do I have to make him dinner? He gets off work earlier than I do.” Louis questions whether she is a women’s studies major experimenting with lesbianism. So much material in the five minutes I actually watched the show!

I do think that given the current political climate it is still progressive to have an openly gay lead male character in a television series. However with dialogue like that I feel like television is still stuck in the 1950s. I question if the act of making fun of the feminist mystique is a way to say “Well, the feminist movement was over a long time ago, so now we can use it to make some jokes on a progressive television series.” I just don’t understand where the writers are coming from. If every man wanted to be married to a 1950s housewife, then there would be a lot of single bachelors out there because I know a lot of women who wouldn’t put up with that crap. I also know a lot of smart, funny, and great guys who are looking for more than a woman who wants to cook for them. The fact that those words even made it into a script show how far television still needs to go in 2012 and beyond. I thought men wanted women who were independent, intellectual go-getters?! Before I get off my soap box, let me also state: what’s the deal with picking on women’s studies majors? We’re all not experimenting with lesbianism. If only I wrote for one of these shows…

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